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Image by Benjamin Sander Bergum

Seasonal Lamb...


We farm our small flock of native Lleyns sheep in a traditional manner, giving them time to grow and mature as nature intended.


Our flock are free to feed on the rich, green Devon grass and meadow that makes up so much of the land here at Snow Park Farm helping us to produce exceptional seasonal lamb.

Sheep are 'ruminant' animals so we know that letting our sheep graze as we do, is really good for them, however, we also know that, like us, they love an occasional treat and ours, are rather partial to a handful of peanuts or an apple or two.. 


"Grass fed for the best flavour"

Image by Judith Prins

​...We are proud to be part of a growing number of people who want more from their food and are looking to buy local produce and support British farming. 

Sonia Blackmore

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