About Us

​The Real Pig Company believe that if you really want to enjoy good pork that has a fantastic taste, is succulent and full of flavour, then you need to buy pork that is farmed in a traditional way. Our traditional, rare breed pigs, live in the great outdoors and are free to roam and forage as nature intended.

The Real Pig Companies pork, comes from pigs that are allowed to mature slowly helping us produce free range pork that is not just full of flavour, but is succulent and tender.


"The Real Pig Company is about getting back to traditional, age-old values, placing emphasis on farming and buying food that is not just fresh, but local in season and good for us.  The decision to farm pigs in the old woods, was the best decision we could ever have made.  I grew up on a farm and my favourite job was looking after mum and dad's pigs."

-Sonia Blackmore.

The Real Pig Company is a family concern, run by Sonia Blackmore her partner Adrian Matthews and together they make a fantastic team.

Based in Devon, on one of Devon's finest country estates, The Real Pig Company are proud to be part of a growing number of people who want more from their food and are looking to buy local, support locally produced goods and services and help promote a sustainable future for not just us, but for British farming.

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​We look forward to working with you

​         Sonia & Adrian

...As a child, I grew up on a farm & my

favourite job, was looking after the pigs.

-Sonia Blackmore