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Image by Stephen Mierendorf

Free Range &

Good For You

Snow Park Farm is also home to our family of fabulous ISA brown and Leghorn chickens that are happily roaming free among the fields and trees.  


We think that our farm-fresh, gorgeous brown and white free-range eggs really are the best and they are now available to buy at the farm gate. 

As #COVID19 took over our lives and heralded a return for many to home-cooking, the decision to produce our own eggs was not just good for us, it helped us support our local community, cooking not just a cracking Sunday breakfast using our delicious eggs but a proper Sunday lunch featuring our fabulous meats too.


"All our eggs are collected daily "

Image by Jan Baborák

​...We are proud to be part of a growing number of people who want more from their food and are looking to buy local produce and support  British farming. 

Sonia Blackmore

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