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Join The Piggy Club

Why not join the growing number of families who, want to know where their food comes from, and how it's produced...

The Piggy Club gives you the opportunity to adopt and rear your very own pedigree piglet. 

From naming your very own piglet and receiving your personalised piglet adoption pack. To helping with its feed, receiving regular news and photo bulletins, exclusive access to our online piggy resources, to finally receiving your very own meat box delivered from our farm to your door.

Numbers are limited so why not join the piggy club today.

In this fast paced 24/7 world, it is hard for our children to understand that the meat they eat, comes from a farm. We believe, that the piggy club, is the perfect way to help children discover more about the world in a truly positive way. 

-Sonia Blackmore-Matthews

Fun For All The Family...

A piggy club membership is the perfect way to give children of all ages a better understanding of farming, helping them to 'connect' with nature and learn about how we farm, why we farm the way we do, and why 'provenance' really matters in a truly fun and informative way..

Our specially created 'adopt a pig' piggy membership options start at just £37 pounds making it the perfect gift for piggy lovers everywhere.

You can select from our Gold, Silver, or Bronze packages so that you get the membership that suits your needs. 



The Real Pig Company was named one of Tom Parker Bowles' top 10 rare-breed meat producers.

 - Country Life 2019


From Our Family To Yours




Bronze Membership: 

Our Bronze membership is a perfect way to introduce a child to farming. Membership includes a personalised adoption certificate and photo, membership card, members pack bursting with fun things to make, learn and do with activities for pre-school and children 7+.


Cost £37 pounds p.a

Silver Membership: 

Our Silver membership package includes all of the above and when our piglets reach maturity between 22-24 weeks, you will receive your perfectly prepared, locally butchered Real Pig Company, rare breed 10/12 kilo meat box.


Cost £150 pounds

Gold Membership: 

Our carefully curated Gold Membership is the ultimate 'farm to plate'  experience, membership includes our piggy club adoption pack and one of our premium meat boxes consisting of 20-24kg of our carefully selected premium, rare breed pork delivered fresh from our farm to your door  


Cost £270 pounds


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