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We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you get to know more about what we do, and how we do it here at the real pig company. However, if you have a question that you would like us to answer, please do send us an email to; and we will get your question answered. 

Thank you 


Will my meat delivery be fresh?

The Real Pig Company only deliver fresh meat. All ready to go straight into your oven, fridge or freezer. 

Our next day delivery service is guaranteed, so that you can relay on us to deliver your order on time and in perfect condition, as fresh as it was when it left our fam.


Is there a minimum order ?

Yes, to make our next day delivery service affordable we have a minimum order value of 35 pounds. 


Where do you deliver and how much does it cost?

We currently offer a tracked, nationwide, next day delivery service, the cost per delivery is £10.00.


Is all your meat free range?

Yes, here at the Real Pig Company we believe that healthy animals are happy animals, and happy animals, that are free to roam and forage as nature intended produce the best meat possible. 


Is all your meat 100% grass fed?

Yes, all our livestock are 100% grass fed and also benefit from having natural wholegrain cereals, as well as tasty treats such as apples, acorns and worms that the pigs love to forage. 

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