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What We Do

" Here at the real pig company we rear rare breed pigs in our fabulous woodland on one of Devon's oldest country estates.  Our traditional rare breed pigs love living in the great outdoors and we love the fact that all our pigs are 100% free range, living as nature intended free to roam and forage. 
We believe, that our rare breed pigs herald a welcome return to real British pork. "
Sonia & Adrian - The Real Pig Company...

About Us

The Real Pig Company heralds a return to traditional age-old values where the animals we rear, live free range in small family groups in the old woods and copse on Kitley Estate in Devon.


The Real Pig Company is run by me, Sonia Blackmore-Matthews and my husband, Adrian Matthews we started the Real Pig Company as we wanted to produce pork that was not just full of flavour but would be succulent and good for us. 


We love what we do and we hope that you enjoy it to.


Many thanks

Sonia & Adrian.

Meet Our Pigs

All our pigs are pedigree registered pigs with the BPA we currently have Gloucester Old Spots,Saddlebacks Oxford Sandy&Blacks and the new addition to our herd is the Doroc,equally these are all great rare breeds and produce the most suculant meat which is full of flavour.


"Pigs are highly intelligent, inquisitive & sociable animals & that is why we let our pigs live in a relaxed & healthy environment so they can produce first-rate pork." 

Adrian Matthews


We think life is complicated enough, so that is why we decided to rear our pigs in a traditional way where animal welfare is at the very forefront of everything we do. 

The Real Pig Company News

The wettest December since records began!!

Its been really hard the rain has just been relentless,we have been working hard keeping all our pigs well feed and nice and dry making sure they have plenty of straw in their arks.

We have had lots of litters born over the last couple of months in preparation for the months ahaed of hopefully slightly more dry!!




"We love great British pork."​

Sonia & Adrian