Our Pigs

Here at the real pig company, we believe that happy pigs that are free to roam and forage are healthy pigs & healthy pigs produce the very best meat.

For hundred's of years pigs were reared in woodland & The Real Pig Company believe that rearing their pigs in this natural environment, will help ensure that their pork stands out from the crowd when it comes to exceptional taste and quality.                                      

"We love British pork."

Oxford Sandy & Blacks

Gloucester Old Spot


The Oxford Sandy & Black (OSB) is often described as the Plum Pudding of pigs. and is one of our oldest pig breeds. 

A firm family favourite, ours are often seen following Harry wherever he goes.

The Oxford Sandy & Black breed are fantastic foragers and thrive in the wooded environment that has become their home here at The Real Pig Company.

The Gloucester Old Spot is officially the oldest breed of spotted pig in the world and has long been recognised as the 'bacon pig of choice'. As a breed, the Gloucester Old Spot just loves living outdoors.

The 'Old Spot', is a wonderful docile pig that is a joy to work with. The Old Spot,  always delivers exceptionally tasty meat.

Perhaps, the Saddleback pig is one of our most distinguished breeds with it's striking black and white colouring. A breed that is an amalgamation of two other breeds namely the Essex and Wessex.

The Saddleback is a  medium to large lop eared pig that is ideally suited to live and roam outdoors in this natural environment.